There has been a recent influx of rappers coming to Australia who I have been lucky enough to photograph but Action Bronson takes the cake for best performance. With a furious fist full of microphone, Bronson stomps around stage yelling at full capacity. You can tell he has the same passion for music as he does for cooking. The crowd may of been a lot smaller than shows like Yelawolf and G-Eazy, but shit they were louder than any other crowd thats been through The Met. Word by word noone missed a beat. I highly recommend people see this man and his mate Meyhem Laurel live while they travel the world and eat the most epic food.

For people who are new to Action Bronson or haven't seen Fuck That's Delicious, check it out here.

The lights were a bit dim but you work with what you get!

Big thank you again to Akimbo for having me along.