What an eventful night. Dillon Francis's last leg of the 'We Are All Lee Lin Chin' Australian tour was a night to remember even for the man himself dubbing the Brisbane show at Family Nightclub, the best show of the whole tour.

It was a pretty exciting night from the get go especially for me as I finally got to eat at Chur Burger, pork belly burgers are a winner. In terms of the show though, with a live set from Paces how were the crowd not going to groove to his tropical dance and up tempo tunes that just put a massive smile on your face? They never had a chance to resist.

Looking back, I regret not photographing Branchez but honestly the main reason I didn't is because he was so damn good I completely forgot I even had a camera at the show. Mikey (Paces) and I both agreed that he is the perfect DJ to see live for us. Even more impressive was the fact that Sam (Branchez) didn't have a visuals tech at this show and just before the night began, he asked Mikey if his visual tech would be keen to do his set. Wielding just a plain white Branchez logo, he put on a visuals show that even outdid Dillon Francis in my opinion. I was honestly so impressed to say the least and my respect for the visuals side of live music just grew rapidly.

In regards to Dillon Francis, I spoke to his management and was told I and no other photographer (besides their tour photographer) were not allowed behind the decks which is a fair call. So as one would do I went straight to the front of the decks to get a quick shot as it was obvious his team were not comfortable with us being around. Next minute I have a lit torch being aimed down my camera from his TM. I also watched him chase off anyone else remotely close to the stage with a camera. It is frustrating when you are trying to do a job you are being paid for, when people like this think we are here just to get close to artists. Honestly we have better things to do and we respect our own art more then I think this guy and other people in the industry actually give us credit for. I completely understand that he doesn't want anyone behind the decks while Dillon Francis plays and I respected that completely, but give us a break ffs. We don't just get passes to shows to watch them for free and get close to artists to then go claim to our friends that 'omg I touched Dillon Francis'. We are there to produce quality images for our clients, ourselves and the artist you actually manage.

Anyways rant over. Check out some of the photos below and thanks again to Paces for having me along!