Well shit, its safe to say that was the biggest moment of my photography journey and an experience never to be forgotten. First off a big thanks to BBE for putting on another massive tour across Australia, another big thanks to the legendary team at Flosstradamus from the guys themselves to the touring crew who makes the show as special as it was. Lastly a big thanks to all the friends I made including killers TroyBoi and NGHTMRE, Australia's very own Benson, as well as legendary videographer JLARK

Late nights, early flights, beers and room service. The WLDBYZ tour had it all and I was lucky enough to document the tour across Australia. Scroll down below for an insight into what we all got up to starting in Sydney.

Enmore Theatre was 2000 people deep for the first show of the tour, even Anand's parents couldn't handle having some serious FOMO and decided to turn up for a boogie! After getting lost in the city trying to find a burger to indulge on, Sydney became one big sweaty mosh pit. I am talking about the kind of heat that makes my camera so fogged it had to rest in the fridge due to the serious levels of humidity. Towel holstered by my side keeping the fogging lenses as clear as possible, I got my first taste of what photographing these 4 talented artists would be like. Check out some of Sydney's show below including the crazy after party with TroyBoi, NGHTMRE and GG Magree at Oxford Art Factory.

Starting the day off with what was the best dumplings I had ever had at the time was definitely a great move on our behalf. Back to my home town, Brisbane with a big thanks to Steven Papas and the OCD team for hosting the biggest show of the WLDBYZ tour. 3000 people ripped apart a warehouse with flying Floss flags flowing across the crowd, it is safe to say Brisbane are thirsty for the heavy side of dance music. Few things were learnt on this day.

  1. Ginga Sushi are the best sushi train in Brisbane
  2. Three men in robes sharing a bed doesn't always have to be weird.
  3. Two Red Rooster burgers at 3am is always a bad choice. I blame Oh Hello and NGHTMRE's peer pressure

Check out the crazy times in Brisbane below. 

Waking up spooning Zennieshia on a single bed, red rooster roll wrappers surrounding me and the smell of 4am Wagyu Beef room service orders is a good indicator of how Brisbane was as a whole. I was just thankful that I didn't have to catch another flight to get home, the hour drive was enough this time around.

After having 4 days at home and shooting some behind the scenes stuff for a Violent Soho project I was back on a plane, this time to Adelaide. It was like living in the highlights of the 80s with an old school hotel that somehow at the same time reminded us of the Star Wars Galactic Senate. Thebarton Theatre is an epic theatre with overlooking balconies that the only entrance into is up a narrow ladder that you fear could be the last moments of your life with only one swift slip of a foot.

Photo's from the very wet and sweaty Thebarton Theatre are below, Benson's ass not included!

Now I know I said the best dumplings were in Sydney, well yeah that changed once Benson took me on a date to HuTongs Dumpling Bar, god damn. Our first club show was epic at Melbourne's 170 Russell. This was the most intimate of shows on the main tour. Sadly NGHTMRE couldn't make it but that didn't stop the city from partying hard. Drenched in water, I battled through the sweaty gauntlet of the underground dungeon to get some epic pictures that you can gaze at below!

Take note, dont let your ears hit a firing strobe light, she will burn.

Last stop of the tour was on the other side of the country. The city of trap. No surprise here at all after seeing how Perth performed Saturday night. Metro City looks like Hogwarts club of wizardry with its amount of levels and staircases across the venue but shit it looks cool as hell!

I started the beautiful day in Perth with a text message from Benson asking me out on another date, we nearly hit second base with a classic robe photo shoot, showing the world what he has to offer. Banger got a brand new hat to take back home to USA (was not stoked), TroyBoi and NGHTMRE got their very own KFC Benson shirts and I got a brand new bruise on my elbow from the damn slippery dance floor.

The show at Metro City was insane, the venue was like no other and the moods were sky high by everyone onboard! Floss fans in Perth are pretty strong with the 2000 strong show selling out in two days, with a sea of Flosstradamus merch filling up the venue on the night.

Villa was crazy with the official after party bringing in the goods. Flosstradamus, TroyBoi and NGHTMRE all running the decks for an all star battle into the depths of the morning until somehow I ended up in front of a room service order consisting of garlic bread, chips and aioli, a wagyu beef burger, and a ravioli thanks to the generous and hungry NGHTMRE.

Perth was nuts, and I understand why most artists who pass through this country always have something good to say about playing in this city.

All I can say is again a big thanks to Jess and Anand at BBE and the team behind Flosstradamus for an epic two weekends.