FOMO, Brisbane's latest and greatest dance festival was a certain hit. The team of OCD and BBE together brought Brisbane the day we have been begging for, A day filled full of smiles and good times. There was no huge lines, no running across fields and tents to see your favourite acts while missing others, which was why FOMO was simple for all punters to enjoy. It was hard to not have fun when everything you could ever dream of was within one ampitheatre.

Honestly it was a shame to see UV Boi play to such a small crowd but when you have a line up so jam packed full of hit making beasts you struggle to fit everyone into the headline time slots. In saying this there was no better way to start the day. Benson followed on bringing the crowd down to the front of the amphitheatre creating one big hot mess. All I can say about Anna Lunoe is damn she can move. Anna had FOMO on their feet pumping them up for what was about to become an even heavier day in Brisbane.

As the sun began to burn us all alive the beats became heavier and heavier as Keys N Krates brought their trio of hard hitting bass to the stage, though the crowd favourites followed with Tkay Maidza and Skepta's variety of hip hop bringing the loud chants to FOMO before the sun began to drop.

Boys Noize destroyed Riverstage with his heavy electronic sounds that would of brought tears to a childs eyes, though what better way to wipe these tears away with the man himself, Jamie XX. The sun began to drop over Riverstage as Jamie spun vinyl like a gentleman with the what felt like the ambience of 1000 sticks of incense.

Shit started to get REAL once Flight Facilities flew onstage with their new set up. Cockpit and all, they brought FOMO to one massive groove with over 8,500 people coming to Riverstage to witness the guys perform their cargo bay full of hits and first class line up including Touch Sensitive and Owl Eyes. 

Check out the images from their set below!

RL Grime killed it. It is as simple as that. He brought the house down, even the possums were gathering to hear the heavy drops he had to share amongst the packed out venue. I could feel the flames trimming the hairs off my face, and I nearly got launched 100ft in the air by leaping over a CO2 cannon at what a lot of people would say as bad timing. The crowd was going nuts, there was ripped up signs with RL Grimes written on them, confetti covering a sea of people and an onslaught of pyrotechnics. The fact RL Grime walked off stage to a full bottle of champagne that got demolished in a few moments with a large hurrah sums up exactly how FOMO went, epic and successful. I wonder what 2016 has install for us from BBE and OCD.


I would do a write up for Oh Hello's after party, but after a day like that you bet I drank myself silly!

It was an honour to work alongside such a strong team with so much to offer in the music industry across Australia. I guess this is why I do what I do and a big thanks to this is to Steven at OCD and Oh Hello as well as Jess & Anand from BBE.