Never have I ever seen The Met's line so long. Even more impressive was the fact it was 7:30pm when I arrived to the 400m line, thanking the stars above as I walked past everyone. Perks of the job ehh?

I went into this show not knowing much about either act. One listen through G-Eazy's latest release and knowing nothing of Nico Ghost's work, to say the least though Nico Ghost impressed the shit out of me which is saying something because the last 2 weeks as been nothing but a hip hop zone. Amping up the crowd with his energetic and raw presence. I came home after the show and jumped straight onto the internet to hunt the ghost down.

G-Eazy walked onstage to a sea of screaming humans in a packed out venue chanting his name. GERALD, GERALD! over and over from behind and above as the crowd surrounded the stage from all angles. From then on I knew this place was full of hardcore fans. G-Eazy isn't really my preference of hip hop, his stage presence really caught my attention though. Constantly interacting with the crowd, high fiving girls in the front row as their knees tremble as their dreams finally come true. 

Overall it was an awesome show. A big thanks goes to Akimbo for putting on these all ages shows at The Met, and also for having me along to photograph. Check out some future shows of theirs including Action Bronson and Vic Mensa!

Enjoy the gallery! I know I enjoyed editing it.