Wu-Tang Clan legend Method Man and his partner Redman brought Blackout! back to Australia.

Stopping into Brisbane on the last leg of the Blackout Australian tour, the guys showed no signs of exhaustion. Storming out onstage provoking all those stoned out of their minds. The guy in the front row with his sunglasses on at 10pm indoors was more than stoked about this.

Punching through hits from Blackout! and Blackout 2 as well as Wu-Tang classics, the duo had Eaton's Hill Hotel pumped up. The rap legends themselves were even ecstatic with the Brisbane crowd, jumping around with massive smiles, enjoying the show like it was the start of the 90s again.

Check out some of my shots from the show below! This show was definitely one of the better hip-hop shows I have attended!

Method Man hitting the stage.

Embracing the Blackout!

Method Man and Redman havn't lost their touch over the last 15 years.

A stoned Method Man is a happy Method Man.

Redman roaring.