The team behind Violent Soho's recent video at Brisbane's Lightspace invited me along to take some shots behind the scenes.

Johann has got something big going on with I Oh You at the moment with massive bands like DMA's, DZ Deathrays and the up and coming Green Buzzard on his roster. It is safe to say though that Violent Soho are on top of their game, a game they are leading when it comes to Australian rock or Australian music in general and with Nick Yates and the Unified team behind them, the guys are basically unstoppable.

The creative genius of Tim O'Keefe and Jaden Marc combined put together a video that represents the guys and their new album perfectly.

Check out the video below.

It is always an honour photographing such a bunch of down to earth legends and their personalities alone could be one of many reasons why the Waco tour sold so many tickets.

Long Live Violent Soho.

PS. 10 points if you can find Zennieshia in the gallery.