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For many at this show, this was the second biggest day of the year besides 4/20. A masterclass of Brisbane's finest rock bands graced The Tivoli on Friday night, ending a 3 night streak of sold out shows in QLD and leading the sold out Waco tour across the country.

It wasn't long before I entered the venue to a sea of fans wearing every kind of merch between these 3 bands you could think of. The classic yellow Dune Rats shirts, blazin skulls shirts and the rest all rolled into one weed smoked theatre.

I missed Gooch Palms because I am just straight up lazy but I heard nothing but good thinks about them as I overheard everyones praises.

Dune Rats came on stage to the chants of 'Bullshit! Bullshit!'. I got high off their presence, or maybe it was the front row doobs being passed around in front of me, either way I was in fine form to photograph the guys and their thrashing punk attitudes. God damn they move so fast its hard to keep them in my viewfinder let alone in focus most the time. They are definitely one of the funnest bands to be in the same room as.

DZ Deathrays are something special. 'Dollar Chills' has something over me, the first time I heard it I had the vinyl ordered 10 minutes later. Their live sets are no less enthralling. Their bass lines just make you want to stomp around. I jumped side stage for some quick stage shots which was awesome also.

All of a sudden the lights went dark and front of stage a blood red glowing blazing skull on a massive sheet hangs. The intro to How To Taste puts the crowd into a frenzy before the sheet drops to a screaming Luke Boerdam and the guys swinging guitars and smashing symbols like a warrior. I remember seeing these guys play at Coniston Lane to no more than 30 people, I remember seeing these guys walk onstage at Splendour In The Grass to a crowd 4 times what they were expecting, a pinnacle moment they all agree with. To now sell out The Tivoli 3 times, something 90% of acts would struggle to sell out once, just shows the movement Violent Soho have brought to kids, teenagers and adults across the country. Next step, the world.

Enjoy my photos from the show, I even chucked in something different for each band.